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acyb 5v5 leagues

The Athletic Center Youth Basketball (ACYB) Leagues, presented by St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine, provide a great opportunity for youth teams and individuals of all abilities to participate. ACYB Leagues are for 3rd through 8th grade boys and girls.


team registration

Summer Session
The deadline to register has passed. Schedules will be posted soon.
Games will begin Saturday, June 16th

general league information

*Rosters are due by the 2nd game at the concession stand or emailed to

Questions about team registration?  Email Dylan or call (859)442-5800

individual registration

Summer Session
The deadline to register has passed.

  • Cost: $75/player
  • Available leagues: 3rd-5th grade (Grade based on 18/19 school year). There will be no coed leagues and grades will only be mixed if needed or requested.
  • Possible game days:
    • Thursdays 5-9pm
    • Fridays 5-9pm
    • Saturdays 9:30am-6:30pm
  • Practices:
    • House teams will be given (4) 1 hour practices
    • Practices are on a first come, first serve basis and are scheduled by the volunteer coach
  • Please read the acyb league FAQs before registering

general league information

  • Each...