POOL PLAY SCORING: Sets 1 and 2 play to 21 (win by 2 – cap of 25). If needed, Set 3 plays to 15 (win by 2 – cap of 17).

FINALS SCORING: Set 1 & 2 play to 25 (win by 2 – no cap). If needed, Set 3 plays to 15 (win by 2 – no cap).

WARM UP: Teams will have 3-5 minutes (full court) warm up when time allows

ARRIVAL: please be 30 minutes early as games may get ahead of schedule

NET HEIGHT: 3rd/4th: 6'6"  |  5th/6th: 7’  |  7th/8th grade: 7’4 1/8"

BALLS: balls are provided (no outside balls allowed); The Volley Lite ball will be used for3rd-6th grade.

LIBEROS: optional at all grade levels. The will be tracked 6th & up. KHSAA/OHSAA rules apply.

SERVE: Fall League rules apply

TIMEOUTS: (2) 30-second timeouts per match

OFFICIALS & SCOREKEEPERS: (1) Referee and Scorekeeper will be provided. Every team must provide 1 adult line judge for each match.

PENALTIES & FORFEITS: you may not substitute players from other teams for your team; only people listed on your submitted roster may play for your team.

UNIFORMS: Players may wear costumes as longs as they do not impede with match play. Numbers must be clear and visible on all uniforms. NO glitter or feathers or anything that sheds on the courts. No earrings or jewelry.