Child Care

CHILD CARE is provided for health club members and league participants while on the premises. Currently it is only available by reservation for healthy children up to 8 years old. Children can stay for up to an hour and a half per visit. T&C child care is a fun, comfortable place for your children to safely play with other children, color, or watch movies. Please call to reserve a time for your child. No walk ups will be taken at this time.  Updated Nursery Policies can be found here.

Monday-Friday 8:45am-12pm
Monday-Thursday 5:15-7:30pm
Saturday 9am-12pm
$5/child per visit (members)
$10/child per visit (non-members)
$16 a month UNLIMITED family visits

Fitness Center

T&C has two cardio equipment areas and a complete weight room. The cardio equipment areas offer elliptical machines, treadmills, bikes (recumbent, upright, and airdyne), rowers, NuSteps, Lateral Trainers, and a Climbmill. The weight room offers stretching equipment, FreeMotion weights, a variety of weight machines (Nautilus, Magnum, Cybex, and Paramount), and free weights.

Personal Training

Numerous PERSONAL TRAINERS with a range of different certifications are available to help you achieve the results that you are looking for! T&C trainers understand that each person's needs are different and they want to help you make the change to improve your health that you can live with. T&C offers an intro to Personal Training package that consists of a health assessment, a customized workout program, injury prevention program, motivation and a health re-assessment to measure progress. The price for members is only $159 for 4 one hour sessions with a personal trainer (this can only be used once).

Aquatic Center

The AQUATICS CENTER at T&C features a warm water pool and a cool water pool. The warm water pool is kept at about 89-90 degrees and is great for recreation swimming or for therapeutic purposes. The cool water pool is a 3 lane, 25 yard pool that is perfect for exercising and lap swimming. This pool is kept at about 80 degrees. Group exercise classes are held in both of these pools.

Due to current guidelines, classes and recreation usage will be restricted.  Please call to reserve your spot in a class or a space in one of the pools for lap swimming/exercise. Members must have an aquatics level membership or add on to utilize the pool area.

Youth Activities

When healthy habits are established at a young age, children are more likely to stay fit. T&C believes that the more kids move, the better they will feel and the healthier they will be. We offer a variety of programs to keep kids moving: soccer, basketball, volleyball, swim lessons and summer camps. In addition to these programs there is an area within the health club called the kids gym that allow kids to get up and move. The kids gym consists of: 2 spring free trampolines, a basketball shooting area and a kids play area.

Locker Rooms

LOCKER ROOMS are available on a daily use basis for all members free of charge. We offer a men's, women's, and a family locker room with dry saunas in the men's & women's. All locker rooms are located down the hall leading to our Aquatics Center. You can rent a locker for a small monthly fee if you would like to leave your belongings here on a regular basis.

Currently, the saunas are closed until further notice.

Indoor/Outdoor Facility Access

T&C members have access to the entire facility including basketball courts, indoor soccer fields and outdoor soccer fields, unless it is being used for a program. Many members will walk/run around each of these areas instead of the treadmill. 

Group Exercise

T&C offers over 30 GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES a week. Working out in a group setting allows people to be in an atmosphere that allows them to receive motivation from the instructor/friends, and most importantly to have fun while breaking a sweat! We are always adding new classes and we encourage everyone to try each class at their own pace.

Land-based classes are available to those with RED or BLACK level memberships.

Aqua classes are available to those with GREY level memberships or an Aquatics Add-On to their Red or Black membership.