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Personal Training

Personal Training

personal training


Six personal trainers with a range of different certifications are available to help you achieve the results that you are looking for! T&C trainers understand that each person's needs are different. They want to help you make the change to improve your health that you can live with. Check out each of the personal trainers bio's on the right of this page!        

Each personal training program includes: 

  • health assessment
  • customized workout program
  • injury prevention program
  • motivation & goal setting
  • health re-assessment to measure progress

To get pricing and find a trainer that fits your needs please email 

intro to personal training

Are you new to exercise, returning after a long hiatus, or do you just need a change to your current routine? T&C trainers want to understand your needs and help you make the change to improve your health that you can live...

benefits of personal training

Focus on Your Unique Health Concerns: Surveys show that 50% of personal trainer's clients have special medical needs, such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity. Your personal trainer can help you with...