Fitness Passport - The ticket to your health and wellness! 

Fitness Passport

"The ticket to your health and wellness!"


What is the Fitness Passport?

Join us for small group training with the T&C trainers. Weekly offerings in the group training room with a focus on strength, TRX, interval training and resistance-based cardio. Make deposits into your Fitness Passport account in $50 increments and schedule your sessions here or in our app! Sessions begin on January 4th!

The Fitness Passport grants you access to:

Bars, Bells and TRX with Michelle - Workouts will include strength training and metabolic conditioning.

The Fit Factory with Kenny - Full body workouts with a mixture of strength training and HIIT

Stronger Leaner with Tammy - A progressive overload program including training and nutrition packets with weekly workout planning/guide. 

Personal Training with Brian - The benefits of a Personal Trainer with the dynamics of a group for a fun workout!


What is the Pricing?

Pricing with the Passport package is $10 (member) or $12 (non-member) per group session. Train when you want, with the group you want! 

Price per session without the Passport is $15/member and $20/non-member.

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