adult spring indoor info

Session Games: 8 games

Session Duration: Spring will begin early April '22 and last through late May '22

Divisions: COED Open, COED 35+, Men's Open, Men's 30+, Women's Open, Women's 30+

Price: $700/team

  • Additional $10 referee fee per team per game

Days of play: Click Here!

Bracket Review: T&C will offer a "Bracket Review" period for teams to review their division placement and provide any final scheduling requests. This is currently set to be posted on this page by 3/23/22. T&C must receive all bracket modifications and scheduling requests by the close of the Bracket Review on EOD Monday, 3/25/22.

First Game Times: Spring Session first games will begin as early as the weekend of April 2, 2022. All First Game Times will be sent via email to team managers for confirmation once the Bracket Review period is complete. Remaining schedules will be posted online by the date of your team's first game.

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