November 20th

November 20, 2020

  • Per the order of Governor Beshear, effective Friday 11/20 we will be required to temporarily cease our indoor sports.  At this time we are scheduled to return to play on Monday, December 14th.  All games will stay as scheduled from December 14th on…and any game affected by this temporary shut down will be rescheduled to the end of the session.

  • Please re-familiarize yourself with our policy related to any “state ordered closure” which reads - “…[A]ny state ordered closures (weather, health or otherwise) causing a season not to be played or to be cut short will result in a credit toward a future season.” At this time the session is simply delayed and will resume and be completed in full.  We will also delay Winter 2 registrations accordingly as we follow these developments. In the interim we hope everyone stays healthy and is ready to return, respectively, on or after Monday, December 14, 2020.

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