January 21, 2021

January 21, 2021

To all:

This is to our small field users (U10s, U8s, U6s, and U4s) who have signed up through our “Individual Sign-up” program. Winter 2 Schedules are now posted at the top of the youth soccer page.  Everyone should have already received their age group team assignment.  If for some reason you did not get that email (ie blocked by your email service), just email us for that information.  We ask all coaches to reach out to their teams to verify your schedules - but also recommend that each participant visits the website to verify game times.

There are a few reminders:
  • All Winter 1 participants will continue to use their current black and red shirts.  We recommend that everyone brings both to each game in the event of a color conflict. T&C should not be giving out any pennies at this time which is why we issued 2 shirts.  Anyone who did not participate in Winter 1 - your coach will have your shirts prior to your first game.  Late registrants - we are doing our best to get the shirts in time for you.
  • Masks are required to be worn at all times by all entrants.  We have expanded the player benches so that there is more room to spread out on the sidelines - and we encourage your children to do so.  Some teams in Winter 1 took advantage of this and some did not. 
  • U4’s: There will be a newer format for this league.  Your games times are online - and the format will differ from the U6-U10 age groups.  TC staff will be onsite to assist with this - and will be reaching out to the coaches early next week with more information. 
We hope the Winter 2 Session is a positive experience for you and your children. Please be aware that we have a high call and email volume at this time.
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