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indoor & outdoor soccer team registration

The Summer Session Deadline has passed. Email Jeremy for openings.

Summer Indoor

  • Available Indoor Leagues:
    • Coed Open: Thursdays/Wednesdays
    • Coed 35+: Fridays
    • Men's 40+: Tuesdays 
    • Men's Open: Sundays
    • Women's Open: Tuesdays
  • Cost: $394

Summer Outdoor

  • Available Outdoor Leagues:
    • Coed Open 11v11: Thursdays/Wednesdays (5 females as field players).
    • Men's 30+ 11v11: Mondays/Tuesdays
    • Men's Open 11v11: Sundays
    • Coed Open 9v9: Saturdays (4 females as field players)
    • Men's Open 9v9: Saturdays
  • Cost: $544 (9v9 & 11v11)
  • Please review the indoor days of play and...

indoor soccer individual registration

The Summer deadline to register has passed. Email Jeremy for openings.

Summer Indoor/ Outdoor

adult soccer

adult soccer