League Play: Session begins July 10th, 2022!

Session Games: 7 game session & tournament play for top teams (Must have no forfeits during regular season*)

Cost: $425/team

  • Includes $375 + $50 refundable ref fee that will be returned if your team does not forfeit
  • Additional $25 ref fee per game per team - these are not included in the league fee
  • Payments can be made at the facility during regular business hours, electronically by reaching out to Dylan, or utilizing our Venmo account (@TCSPORTS).
  • Payments made via Venmo should be paid in full & include Team Name as well as Session Name to be properly accounted for. ex. The Crusaders (Smith) - Men's Summer '22
  • You may reserve your spot without payment but payments must be made upfront to be accepted into the league.

Divisions: Competitive and Recreational (18 years of age & Up)

Upper Competitive (Silver Bracket)

Lower Competitive (White Bracket)

Upper Recreational (Red Bracket)

Lower Recreational (Black Bracket)

Men's 30+ League (Grey Bracket)

* Please note that we will combine skill levels to make one division if there are not enough teams for multiple divisions

Days of Play: Sundays - typically in the late afternoon/early evening but may vary based on court availability

  • Please be prepared to play a game at any time as scheduling requests are not always able to be met
  • Game times are subject to change and will be based on court availability

Registration Deadline: July 5th, 2022! 

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